Run 1825 – Thursday 15th April ~ Hounslow Heath

Hare – Rambo

Advance registration is required for all participants in West London H3 runs during the current pandemic, if you plan to come on this run please register ASAP using THIS LINK

This week’s run will start from the entrance to Hounslow Heath on Staines Road, Hounslow, TW4 5AR, opposite Barrack Road and The Hussar Public House, see this Map Link. This is around twenty minutes walk from Hounslow West Tube, but there will not be a P trail from the tube to to the start of the run. Several buses pass the start, and there is a free car park there. Our anti-Covid protocols will apply; staggered start and no bag drop, run with what you bring. Start from 18:30 for walkers and 18:45 to 19:00 for runners, the trail will be about 9.5 km mostly off road. The Hare strongly advises to “run” with at least one other person, and of course less than six others and to bring a torch. Checks should be fairly easy, trail will restart within about 50m of the check. If you start after 18:50 please kick checks through for walkers and latecomers. It will be dark at around 20:30, and it would be a good idea to finish by then (but bring a torch anyway), and of course the drink stop may be exhausted soon after this! There are several places to “squeeze” through on trail, only one is likely to be a real challenge (for some?). If you can’t get through, follow the path beside the fence north east about 200m until you can loop back on the other side. There isn’t a pub, so there will be a drinks stop (with shelter if wet) which will “open” at 20:00, generously funded by WLH3. Its W3W location will be posted then on the WLH3 WhatsApp group at 20:00, if the Hare remembers to do so. After party? The nearby Hussar (“Indian Bar”) may be open, and there are a couple of corner shop type off licences for supplies to drink al fresco. Feel free to suggest a pub on the Whatsapp group, if you can find one open near the end of the run, which the Hare advises, will be near to the start.

Please register Tuesday 13 April, using the above link, as the Hare will be beer shopping on the Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Run 1825 – Thursday 15th April ~ Hounslow Heath

  1. Paul Maidment

    Curious if you are ending the run near a pub? If so I will book a table!

  2. PF

    The Hare advises that the end of the run will be close to the start, it is a bit of a desert for decent pubs around there at the best of times, and this is not the best of times. The Honeycomb appears to remain closed and the website for the Hussar is pretty unenlightening as to whether they are open for beers or not, and the phone number it gives is unobtainable. If you can come up with anything suggest you put it on the Whatsapp group.

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