Run 1852 – Thursday Oct 21st ~ Hammersmith

Hare – Bhopal

The run will be from The Chancellors, 25 Crisp Road, London, W6 9RT Map Link. The nearest stations are the Hammersmith Tube stations and there will be a trail of chalk P arrows from both the Piccadilly and District line station and the Hammersmith and City Line station to help you find this pub. The run will start from the pub at our usual 19.15 Hours. The pub will provide bag storage during the run and freshly made Pizzas will be available to purchase on the premises after the run. The Hare advises Bring a Torch.

If you plan on coming on this run please register by clicking on This Link.

3 thoughts on “Run 1852 – Thursday Oct 21st ~ Hammersmith

  1. Wacker

    They better have anchovy for the pizzas or Mad Cow won’t be happy

  2. Scrumpy

    You may have a visitor from USA who London H3 gave a very complicated name to a couple of years ago – something like “Wake Me, Hold Me, Squeeze Me” !
    I may see y’all for a drink later.

  3. Rachel Moline

    Thank you Scrumpy. A few of them did kindly give me the name of “Wake Me Squeeze Me Till I Squirt”. I’m still trying to decide how I should introduce myself. I can’t wait to see you all!

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