Run 1854 – Thursday Nov 4th ~ Twickenham/Strawberry Hill

Hare – Man Magnet

This week’s run will start from from the The Sussex Arms pub, 15 Staines Road, Twickenham TW2 5BG Map Link at our usual time of 19.15 hours. The nearest station is Strawberry Hill which is about one Kilometre/12 minutes walk from the pub and there will not be a P trail. The pub is also accessible by buses H22, 490, 267 or 281 from Twickenham station and is about 15 minutes walk from Whitton station. There will be bag storage available in a hasher’s car that will be parked near the pub. This will be our Guy Fawkes night Run and there will be a suitably explosive drinks stop. This pub is famous for its fine selection of ales and there will be live band on after the run. The Hare advises bring a torch and also that the drinks/firework stop will not be at the same location as it has been in previous years, so do not shortcut to that location or you will be disappointed.

Although advance registration for West London’s run is no longer mandatory it is still encouraged as it gives the Hare an indicative pack size in advance for drink stops etc and has been useful to the Hash Cash as an aid to keeping stats and collecting subs so if you plan to come on this run please register by clicking on This Link, which is now live.

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