Run 1969, 28 December 2023 – St Margarets

Hare – Minge and Tonic

This week’s run will take place from the St Margarets Tavern, 107 St Margaret’s Road, St Margaret’s TW1 2LJ Map Link. The nearest station is St Margarets and there will be a trail of chalk P arrows from there to help you find the pub. The run will start from the pub at our usual time of 19.15 hours. The pub does not have a secure area for bags storage and a volunteer to act as bag minder would be appreciated. The Hare will leave her car in the carpark for bag storage if all else fails, but this may mean that latecomers will have to run with their bags.

This is the Hare’s Birthday Run and there will be a drink stop, so bring your collapsible cups or other vessels. The Hare has assured us that there will be no soda water involved.

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