31 December 2015 – Kingston

New Years Eve Run nr 1580 – Wych Elm, 93 Elm Road, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6HT
P trail from Kingston Station Map

Usual Run start time, 19.15-ish. Run will be off road so bring a torch and change of shoes, the pub is open until past midnight and there will be a party at the Hare’s House nearby after the run where shower and changing room will be available. Open Hash Invite, bring your own booze, favourite party music on CDs or mobile devices. Food will be provided, please Click Here if you think you may be coming in order to gauge numbers for catering etc.

Hare: Pickled Fart

P-trail from Kingston National Rail Station.

8 thoughts on “31 December 2015 – Kingston

  1. Rambo

    Very dark grey especially after sunset, cold (but above freezing) and damp typically. Warm in a pub though, beer helps!

  2. Rambo

    So sorry about my previous ridiculous attempt at humour. For those that didn’t spot the joke (Australians & Americans only?) what I meant to say was that the usual London balmy winter weather is continuing. At the 7 pm run time, the sun will be setting over the green pastures of Richmond Park giving a golden glow to the deer. Hashers will typically be wearing shorts & vests so as not to over heat whilst running in the very pleasant temperature (low twenties centigrade, about 70 fahrenheit)and the cautious will have their sun block on. To slake their thirst at the end many will choose a well chilled lager (at least for a first pint) in place of warmer English bitter.

  3. Private Snowball

    Don’t worry, I got the humor 😀

    Can americans wear kilts to the hash?

  4. private snowball (again)

    and one last thing . . . does west london h3 sell patches? because i would love some.

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