CLAWS Christmas Party

The various Hash Social Sex have put their heads together and now have a great venue lined up for a night full of music and dancing (DJ), games, prizes, and of course down downs.
The fancy-dress theme this year is: Come as your Hash Name – or someone else’s!
Date: Saturday 4th Dec (6pm)
Location: Battersea Barge
Early bird ticket price: £25 (before 31 Oct, will go up to £30 after this date and £35 on the door). Ticket includes pizza and nibbles and two drinks.
To register for the CLAWS Christmas Part click on This link
On registration you will be able to request a link to pay online, or you can pay in cash at the next hash. For any questions, get in touch with Casting Slouch, or any of the other Social Sex.

3 thoughts on “CLAWS Christmas Party

  1. Jeff Callaway

    How can you post on 25 Oct that early? Bird tickets are only till 31 Oct!!!!
    Nothing via weekly emails apart from the date. Facebook notifications are not working as they should either, this is just very poor communications.
    Also it is posted in Hash other events!!! Is this not a social event????

  2. PF Post author

    I was asked to announce the date of the CLAWS party on 18 October and did so in that week’s email that went out on on 21 October, that is all the information I had at that time, I did enquire if more information was available but was told that things had not been finalised. I was given the rest of the information on the 25 October and published it on the home page of the West London website the same day and in the weekly email that went out on the following day. The timing of the release of the CLAWS information and the deadline for the discounted Early Bird price was a matter for the CLAWS committee on which all the participating London Hashes are represented and I will ensure that they are made aware of your concerns. Incidentally I used the “Other Hash Events” category for technical reasons as it allows me more flexibility in carrying posts through to the home page. I did not set up the FB page and do not know why it does not send notifications, it was agreed by the committee at the time it was set up that the website and email would remain the primary means of communication for WLH3 as not all of its members are on Facebook.

    On On


  3. Called Away

    Hi PF,
    Thank you. I appreciate that you can only post information if you have it. I agree that the fault would appear to be with CLAWS, especially the notification for the early? bird discount and that there was never time to really publicise it. I think that the discount was unnecessary, unless they were concerned for the uptake considering the full price of the event!
    Please do pass on my concerns to CLAWS, having been involved with CLAWS decisions in the past I know how difficult it can be, but we did start early and investigated many venues to secure a good deal for the hash. We have used the “Barge” before in the 90’s so hope that the venue has changed for the better. Unfortunately I won’t know as I will be voting with my feet and not attending.
    Called Away

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