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Sport is something men have instead of emotions – Bridget Jones (allegedly)

This assertion was disproved yesterday in some style. A motley crew of assorted Bridget Joness and Mark Darcys gathered at a crumbling Edwardian pile in Shepherds Bush for an invigorating infusion of Scandinavian mulled wine and posh biscuits. All tickets distributed and accounted for with the organising Darcy – a noted QPR fan, we set off to Loftus Road for The QPR v Burnley footy match. See for a report on a very exciting match. Half way to the ground one of the Bridgets couldn’t find her ticket. This particular Bridget has previous form where losing tickets is concerned so no surprise there. With cunning use of technology and hacking Organising Darcy’s email account the missing ticket was reprinted and a return to Loftus Road in time to see the last four goals.

A spirited yomp through the back streets of W12 deposited us at the Duchess of Cambridge on Goldhawk Road where a table was reserved for us to watch the first matches in the 6 Nation’s Rugger Tournament, first Wales v Italy followed by France v England. By this time our uber-Darcy, keeper of lustrous and famous harems joined us for an afternoon and evening of quaffing splendid ales, ingestion of fine victuals whilst being taken to emotional heights and despondent lows by the furious battling at the Stade de France. The game over & done and the day’s sporgy finished, which goes to show that women have sport too (though I’ve no idea about the emotions bit), the group separated and headed home.

Two postscripts are noteworthy. The first was ‘lost ticket’ Bridget finding her lost ticket and sportingly confessing it to all. The second was an on-after for about half the group at The Tabard where a trio of bands performed some righteous r n’b, in particular Son Maxwells Unruly Blues: A fab end to a fab day.

FYI this is Bo Diddley’s original of one of Son Maxwell’s cover versions. Very alike eh?

THE CAST – Bridget Jones’s: Dingo, Love Deuce, Nutsucker, Rollback Mark Darcy’s: Butt Plug, Charlatan, Eagermount, Mad Cow, The Optimist, The Pope


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