WLH3 21st birthday

Thursday 1st March 2007 starting at 7pm.

WLH3 21st party – “The BOWLs” 

***Best Of West London Awards ***

No it’s not held at Ealing Bowls Club?! :^) West London is celebrating its 21st Birthday Party on Thursday 1st March at THE STAGS HEAD. It’s a Posh Frock and DJs affair – turn up nice as the BBC will be covering the event. The price is the usual £1 for non members / free for members. If you are coming along we would like to know so we can get the food right.

And if you have a nomination for ‘Best Of West London’ please let us know. We’ll present the award – we’ll even buy it – but we need your WLH3 stories to complete the 21 unlikely years of West London H3 hashing history.


Apart from the Awards ceremony itself other entertainments will include:

  • A drink stop or two.
  • 2 hour presentation on trail flour grading – courtesy of Jilted Jugs, pointy stick, with diagrams and extendable banner. (compulsory) 
  • A r*n to remember by our hare pope. 
  • A good old lashing from Thunder Thighs (although in my experience this never actually materialises). 
  • WLH3 permenant facial tattos. (free) 
  • Tattoo removal course 101. 
  • Farewell dinner for Last Tango who leaves for her cruise on 3rd March. 
  • Lecture – “Cruise disasters of the last decade”, Capt. Urine. 
  • The Full Monty (also known as Eggs, Beans and Chippendales): Cast – Rambo, Boy Blunder, Looberty, Kaboose. Thanks for volunteering chaps. 
  • Some balloon animals & magic. Rent Boy at his best.

Isn’t it amazing what you could get for £1 at West London H3.


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