18th July – Paddington

Last Weeks Run Write Up Curtesy of Drain Oil An Eric run..and what a great experience. I arrived with Flasher and Felicity Shagwell, now of Oslo H3, who rank WLH3 their favourite London Hash and were my kind hosts when I visited Dushanbe a few years back. There was a good cross section of hashers in the Monkey Puzzle, both Londoners and visitors from overseas. It was good to returnees including Linford.

Dingo surprisingly asked me to write up the run but she evidently knew of the Inflappable Pope’s instruction to Eric to keep the run entirely in Hyde Park…which would keep me on trail. It should have been a simple run but by varying the level of flour laid, the hare managed to so confuse the pack, that they were kept pretty well together..those who persevered. At some stage Dingo, who was concerned that her run-upwriter was absent, was led astray by Spare Rib and lost the plot. Effes managed to confuse out and in trails and Radar was so bemused by friendly squirrels (so wary in Scotland) that she turned back early. In Sussex, we eat them. It was a fine evening but such a shame to see the Round Pond in such bad shape ! Surprisingly, most hounds seemed to enjoy the run though Flasher commented that it was the worst run that he had ever completed. He had earlier got mislaid and went to ask a young maiden if she had seen a pack of runners; she was KC, from Euston (sorry, Houston) on a work-placement in London. Not then wearing a hash shirt; later she put on a Shiggy sock (one of a pair) and explained she used it in Texas to protect her ankles from the dry brush there….in Malaysia we call it bush and Shiggy is invariably muddy, soggy and wet.

The hasherdabber did a good trade in T-shirts later. The Landlord of the Monkey Puzzle was most generous in down2 beers and costing and let me postpone payment after consumption as my coins were in my hash-bag. Splendid Badger, Furtive Ferret and Stowford Press to drink. The Circle was held in the narrow side street and various RAs strutted their stuff. Little White Buss and Alouette from Oslo H3 joined other Norwegian hashers. Stayover punished for the overuse of his inflatable zimmer frame on trail (the committees generous retirement gift) I forget other notable miscreants.

By the way, LWB commented that he would not be going to Interhash 2014 in Hainan because of too many Chinese. Give it a thought; Hainan Province in China, on a tropical island off Vietnam, is bigger than Belgium (let alone Bruxelles) and should be fun.

Onion Ain

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