20th June, Midsummer Scandi Run

This was no ordinary run. Oh no. This was a midsummer run and tradition dictates that a midsummer run shall have fine weather (thank you to Wacker), fine food (thank you Eagermount and Periodical), and fine hares (well two out of three isn’t bad).

The run departed the Duchess of Cambridge and wound its way through the pristine suburbs of Chiswick visiting patches of greenery along the way, it made its way up to Acton Park – which was a revelation to those whose previous experience of Acton has been the less salubrious Horn Road end of this settlement, where the greenery is restricted to the occasional skunk farm – there were fine old trees, lush green grass, expansive vistas and definite signs of civilization.

Leaving the park the run made its way to the drinks stop at the home of Eagermount. Here hashers were given a glimpse of the international, jet setting, opulent life style of the hares. In a rich garden with roses and other scented flowers providing a stunning back drop, foods from the North lands of the never setting sun had been flown in and laid out beautifully on fine table clothes; what a shame it was to be wasted on hashers, whose normal idea of luxury is to put ketchup on their chips.

From the land of Father Christmas poor Prancer had been slaughtered and pieces of him turned into beautiful canapés. Herrings had been dragged from the sea, Salmon ripped from rivers, and elk cut from the heard and butchered. All this booty was piled high and offered along with other delicacies like skorfore, crème fraiche, smoked cod roe, prawns, sliced egg, and dill; beetroot and gherkins; Jarlsberg and Danish Blue; fine ham and who knows what else. All this was washed down with Aquavit and Lapin Kulta beer.

All the hashers agreed that the beer was fantastic but they were not sure about all that funny foreign food. Back at the pub the day was saved as a fine selection of proper English ale was on hand to restore everyone’s equilibrium. Wacker gave some of this away during the down downs and everyone said everything had been marvellous.

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