28th November 2013 – Waterloo

It was a dark, chilly night in South West London…………………………………………No it wasn’t it was South East London!!!  What was the hare thinking!  We were reminded by the hare that Waterloo had a W in it!
It was the first time I have had to use my tube pass on a hash!   I would normally welcome it but it was on said tube that I got collared with these duties!
What looked like a relatively poor turn out rectified itself as several hashers turned up for the après hash jollies.  Plug (who had just returned from a hash girls away weekend), 2AM and what seemed like 10 other hashers turned up.  The journey to the East must have proved too much for these hashers.
There were not one but two drink stops en route as well as other non conventional stops to look at a big tank with a big barrell.  I had to listen to Mad Cow and Kiss My Ar8e having a “who’s got the biggest d1ck” conversation whilst salivating over said tank!  A concoction of Malibu and advocat was given at the first stop and the second stop was at a fancy wine bar.  I think the hare is a bit of a Del Boy on the sly.  I think he would prefer a poncy cocktail with an umbrella to the pints he normally drinks on the hash.
Anyway, the advocat must have gone to Mad Cow’s head as he tripped over a paving stone on the way to the tube station and grazed his elbow.  Dingo, Love Deuce and I saw him crumpled on the floor as we came round the corner, good job we weren’t quicker or Dingo would have dry humped him!  He insisted the paving stone was 3 inches high but I saw it and reckon it can’t have been more than 1cm.  I suspect he has already written a letter of complaint to the council.    Nevertheless, Dingo, Love Deuce and I carried him to the station and told him what a brave boy he was.
We seemed to lose half the hashers en route as Run to Eat (RTE) decided to pop in her local for a pint and take about 8 other hashers with her! The beautiful and elegant Nut Cracker (k)Nee Sucker (NCkNS) to name but one (she begged me to give her a big write up 🙂 ).  We tried to save some wine for them at drink stop no. 2 but everybody really appreciated the nice chardonnay hence all bottles were squeezed dry.
There were several down downs, The Americans (Cyclopath and RTE) for something American related, Nashie for something Nashie related, NCkNS for something trivial, Butt Plug for his new found role of jiggalo.  I can’t remember any stories but I remember it was a T34 Russian tank with an 85mm barrell.
Oh speaking of which, I heard a story about Pope straddling the barrell.  Glad I didn’t see that as I would of gouged my eyes out!!!

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