3rd January 2013 Run no 1424 The Village Inn at Rayners Lane

Escaping Metro-land (courtesy of WikiPedia)
Some abhorred Metro-land for its predictability and sameness. A. N. Wilson observed that, although semi-detached dwellings of the kind built in the inner Metro-land suburbs in the 1930s “aped larger houses, the stockbroker Tudorbethan of Edwardian Surrey and Middlesex”, they were in fact “pokey”.
He reflected that:
as [the husband] went off to the nearest station every morning … the wife, half liberated and half slave, stayed behind wondering how many of the newly invented domestic appliances they could afford to purchase, and how long the man would hold on to his job in the Slump. No wonder, when war came, that so many of these suburban prisoners felt a sense of release.

With only 362 days remaining until the end of the year WLH3 convened on a mild dry night at Wetherspoons Village Inn, Rayners Lane.
Wacker defied such “predictabilty and sameness” with a deftly laid trail of uncertainty within the Rayners Lane ~ Harrow-On-The-Hill ~ South Harrow tube station triangle or referred to by the local youngsters as the PinHarr strip. Of note is its “twinning” with a similar area of Brazilia.
The quietness of the suburban streets was soon shattered with the usual hash cries; the constant orange glow of the sodium street lamps was pierced with white light from head and hand torches.
The trail took us to towards the “mysterious” east through one or two residential streets in the direction of St Mary’s church on Harrow Hill. However the trail veered left through West Harrow Rec, renowned for its plentiful high quality grass, on this occasion none of it in use!
The trail then passed through West Harrow heartlands and onwards towards North Harrow and on on in the Pinner direction passing through Yeading Brook open space and climbing up The Ridgeway to reach the high point and left down the Rayners Lane hill. A short cut with a bit of “blind” chiggi did not catch anyone out under the distant watch of Wacker.
Kenny following her down down for jingle bells on last weeks run had repacked her bum bag and was running all the way with only one jingle bell! Next week a silent night!?
We entered Pinner returning via Cannon Lane where at its southern most end the trail literally seemed to have “done a runner” through Roxbourne Park, where a Close Encounter of the Thora Hird kind was just avoided, High Worple and past the Art deco ex Odeon Cinema now the Zoroastrian centre.
Back at The Village Inn Neil (currently unnamed) as a frontrunner seemed undaunted at leaving NutSucker (or Netsucke as Word Spell check would have it, whats a Netsuke you may well ask… go figure for yourself!) behind from the run start. Later Nutsucke and FreeLoader arriving “On Inn” together some 20mins after the main pack, both claiming injuries!
Outside under a canopy at the back of The Village Inn, lights on press button timer’s, simple JD style austerity, downs downs RA’ide by MadCow.
Sinners were; Hot’ N ‘ Juicy (visitor), Neil (pimping out?), The Optimist (blind bastard(both correct!)), RoadKill (malingering bastard) , Bhopal (lost property), GayLick (Lack of Navigation) , Nutsucke (lost property), Pope (second guessing) and Laura (Sugar Daddy?!).
A few SB’s, a few curry’s plus free beer for £5.75 and then back out to ML.
Thanks to JD’s bar staff.
On, on to The Viaduct with possible bat sightings!
The Optimist

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