5th September – Popes Birthday Run – Northfields

So last Thursday 5th September the WLH3 descended on Duffy’s in Northfields for Run 1455, and did we remember it was Pope’s birthday? Yes, we did! as a crown and tinsel topped antennae were on offer to the birthday “youth”, to flaunt as he hared us round his trail. Pope opted for the antennae, possibly so he could live up to his name and communicate with the powers above. Visitors and “v*rgin” visitors were duly welcomed, the hash always on the look out for a v*rgin, but this one, with no hash handle, had run in the Caribbean, though not on a Virgin Island. Stayover was spotted immediately moving in to check her out!

So off we set, fairly much on time, most hashers already well oiled with Betty Stoggs and other fine ales on tap, (although the Ruddles was deemed to be raddled). There was a sense of deja vu at the start as I have distinct memories of a fairly recentish run from said pub, during which a disgruntled Pope had been particularly vociferous in proclaiming his disdain for that hare, due to the lack of “green stuff”, until we had reached Elthorpe Park. where, ( for those who are geographically challenged,) there were flood lights and tennis courts… So, in justification of his previous belligerence, Pope on this occasion blazed a magnificent scenic trail that was both very green and exceedingly watery. The pack followed a meandering route that took us through every park, every Boston Manoresque nature trail, along the intertwining Grand Union Canal (occasionally not so grand, but stagnant) and flowing River Brent, over Gallow’s Bridge, (no ghosts of highwaymen) and Osterley Lock…through Elthorpe Park with footballers this time, and eventually down a dubious back lane into the green green grassy garden of the Pope. His family had obviously heeded his warning not to eat or drink his Birthday treat to us all, as a buffet of alcoholic beverages, cream crackers and cheeses; pasties and sausages; nuts and crisps awaited us; and if that was not all, trays of sweetly cut birthday cake were circulated. And even though Pope had ‘ad a go at the suffragettes for their pink unidentifiable sweet drinks in St James last week, well, he of course provided a few bottles of rose vino pinko just to live up to his reputation, what reputation? Dusk was drawing in, and the trail led us forth to the, by now, close at hand pub.

Now for deja vu two ! All of a sudden, my relaxed dream like state was interrupted by Man Magnet, confessing , not that she had lost the money bags, but that she had failed to find a scribe…So would I oblige? Great ! to be told after the run was over, but at least I was informed before the circle. Why deja vu? because the last time I was scribe, I was asked in the same place, in the same pub, with same make of beer in glass, same situation after the run was well over, only difference was the then GM Stayover had failed to designate a scribe at the start. On on on ..

Eventually the serenity of the pub garden, (where a few of us were sitting, drinking and chatting) was invaded by an explosion of hashers ready for the circle, called by ButPlugg. Lots of cheers for the birthday hare” fine figure of a man young Pope”, accused of “using all the flour in the cake” instead of on the trail; and “Nazi storm troopering Pope…DZat’s Pope” and other songs were sung….general bedlam; Ozzy visitor, and 69 and 1/2 from Dubai; the “Brazilian, (“show us your Brazilian” pleaded Mad Cow); the Bahamas harriette were called; various “reprobates”, Kiss my Ar8e & Hareem sank their down downs; there was general heckling re: the suffragette run and B Wacker had been observed taking his lady’s underwear home, shock horror; “Daisy, Daisy …” was the down down song for the S African who arrived by bike, and Rambo had to drink out of his shoe for being a sneak … it appears our very kind pub hosts had donated beer; and copious hash chips were available for consumption…a usual good hashy birthday time was had by all and the weather had been fine too…on on on…. Generator


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