I was late arriving due to a “Good Service” on the District line being 30 mins late, but thanks to the normal WLH3 punctuality was in perfect time. Walking to the pub I was overtaken by Gay Pride who totally ignored me, but was punished later anyway.

The hare talk provided loads of information that was all total bo££ocks. A typical Pope run with lots of loops and devious check backs through the finer parts of Ealing missing all the shiggy, burning tyres and encampments. So devious in fact that we lost? Eagermount and Rent Boy. Knickers was front running again following her high altitude training in the murder capital of the world with Jacaranda hash. M.M is now a granny three times over so thinks she ought to act her age and be called M.G.M. Road Kill did well and managed to keep up with me although I did wait for him after a couple of loops!

An excellent supply of bottled beer for the down downs administered by Whacker, but the best stuff was given to an Aussie, what a waste! What did I get? Chiswick!!

Sometime during the evening (keeping up with topical issues) we started a new hash for the London Area Dementia Sufferers. All runners would be tagged so that when they get lost the hot fuzz can easily find them. Trouble is can’t remember what it is called or what time of day we said we would run, but Miss Dunny Penny has already asked for rent Boy to be tagged.

On-On to the Ulmus glabra Horizontalis otherwise known as the Wych Elm.

If you drink to much there is a clue in the name.

Called Away

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