Run 1727, The Cross Keys, Chiswick, 18th October 2018

Startling from the charming Cross Keys, last nights trail around Chiswick was set by Lay Me, possibly with some assistance from Called Away.   It could be described as a trail of two halves.  The first part was marked out in copious chalk arrows with a smattering of checks, which were quickly broken by the Chiswick savvy FRBs, resulting in a fairly fast paced run.  The second half seemed to suffer from a chalk shortage, with sporadic markings leading apparently nowhere. Anyway, it certainly fooled me and quite a few other more experienced hashers to the extent that there was quite a few of us in the bar by the time the main body of the pack arrived back from the drink stop, which we had of course missed.

Thankfully, nothing that could not be resolved by a few down downs and a good supply of Fullers beer.

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