Run 1755 – The Salutation, Hammersmith, 2nd May 2019

Trail around Hammersmith, set by our hare, Lay Me, and overseen with some assistance from Called Away.  Perfect length and generally good markings as one would expect under the supervision of our hare raiser.

An unusual drink stop was provided in the middle of the closed-off Hammersmith Bridge.  Since not all hashers were able to follow the reasonably clearly marked trail of arrows to the drink stop, they found themselves on the wrong side of the pedestrian barriers, which gave the rest of  us the entertaining spectacle of seeing them grasping for their drinks and Easter eggs through the wire mesh, much like caged animals at the zoo.

Back in the Salutation, the circle was overseen by RA Wacker, with down downs to our visiting couple from Sweden.  Your scribe was awarded his well deserved 100 run WLH beer glass for services to hashing.



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