Run 1774, Duffy’s, Northfields, 12th September 2019

This year Pope’s Birthday Hash was, as usual, hared by Pope himself. However, rather than setting the ‘usual’ trail along the canal, etc, we were instead offered a trail around the leafy parks of Ealing, the Queen of Suburbs, featuring several false trails. Somehow the trail managed to wind its way to chez Pope (the Vatican?) where a welcome beer stop was on offer. Sadly, the greedy bastards on Monday’s London Hash had already eaten all the birthday cake, so we had to forgo that pleasure.

Usual merry revelries back at Duffy’s, overseen by RA Butt Plug. After that, everything was a bit of a blur to be honest. Hopefully everyone made it home in good time to be up and away on Friday for the WLH weekend in Bath.

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