Run 1788, Osterley A to B, 5th December 2019

And now for something completely different: an A to B run, where A is not a pub, hared by none other than the infamous Rambo! In fact our start was in front of some unfortunate bloke’s drive on the outskirts of Osterley Park, and about 20 minutes walk from Osterley tube station. Nevertheless, some adventurous hashers did make it for the start, plus two walkers who had perhaps not registered the fact that it is very difficult to devise significant short-cuts on an A to B run and still make it to B! So off we set, but not through Osterley Park, as most of us were assuming, but skirting around it before venturing off into familiar Rambo territory of golf courses, railway tracks, fields of horses, shiggy tracks, mounds of slippery mud, etc. At about 8.5km, the trail, which took in most of the green spaces either side of the canal, was thankfully somewhat shorter than the 10km we have come to expect from a Rambo trail, and got us to our final destination of Duffy’s bar relatively unscathed.

RA Butt Plug had been sensible enough to head directly for the pub but was still able to muster enough charges to put to the circle, and down-downs were duly consumed. Hats off to hare Rambo for trying something more adventurous for a change.

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