Run no 1807-Thursday 13 August 2020

Barnes Bridge

Hare: Sir Humpalot

The trail will start from Barnes Bridge station, though those coming on bikes may prefer to park at the bike stands outside The Waterman’s Arms map link, which is close by and well overlooked compared to the station. Start on trail as soon as you turn up, any time between 1900 and 19.30, don’t wait for the pack to gather, there will be no bag storage, you will have to run with what you bring. Do not mark checks through. We don’t have an actual pub so there will be an extended drink stop on trail. That said, The Waterman’s Arms, a newish sister pub of The Express Tavern, has some very fine beer that you can take outside and drink by the river at your own risk! If you are coming on the run please register using This link by Wednesday afternoon, so that we have indicative numbers for the drink stop.

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