Run 1796, The Old Pack Horse, Chiswick, 30th January 2020

This week’s run was a belated Australia Day celebration, hared by none other than Dingo. Hashers were encouraged to wear a red dress or at least a red item of clothing, to mark the occasion and show support for the On On for Oz campaign being organised by hashes worldwide to support those affected by the devastating bush fires that have been ravaging that country in recent weeks. As an entirely red-attired Pope commented at the start of the evening’s run, only a couple of other hashers appeared to have been able to read the wear red missive from our web meister, Pickled Fart.

In her pre-hash briefing the hare warned that the trail would be quite long and so it turned out to be. Even taking a SCB short cut, helpfully directed by Foreskin, I logged over 10km (see trail map below). The FRBs doing the full trail would have clocked over 11km, which at over 6.5 miles is somewhat higher than Dingo’s suggested 5 miles. However, it was all worthwhile ultimately when we got to the drink stop located close to Dingo’s office, where in addition to a cocktail and much wine, there was an abundance of very tasty Aussie meat pies baked by Man Magnet (and also Dingo, I believe). I understand that certain hashers got through as many as 5 pies during the drink stop, so they must indeed have been good.

Back in the pub the circle was presided over by RA Whacker, who dished out the customary random down-downs. In addition to her usual haberdashery role, Man Magnet did the rounds of the assembled hashers to solicit donations to the Oz fire charity, so if you missed the opportunity to donate on the night, I am sure your contributions would be gratefully accepted by Man Magnet in person or by BACS payment to the WLH bank account.

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