Run 1756 – The Black Horse, Norbiton, 9th May 2019

In spite of the torrential rain there was a good turnout for Man Magnet’s annual azalea run in Richmond Park.  The first drink stop was in the usual spot by the pond at the centre of the Isabella Plantation (see pics elsewhere), where the hare dished out vodka jellies. (Which turned out to be quite potent!)

But that was not the end of goodies for the evening.  The trail led us back  to Man Magnet’s gaff, where Just Michael was slaving over a hot BBQ to cook hot dogs for the assembled hashers, to be washed down with a Whiskey Mac.  Just before arriving at the BBQ stop we came across a rather bloody Kemosabe, who appeared to have gone a few rounds with the pavement and emerged as the loser.  (Hopefully he has made a full recovery by now).

Later back the Black Horse, Butt Plug presided as joint RA with the assistance of Sir Humpalot, the latter being held responsible for the shitty weather on the trail.  Amongst the usual down-downs, we had a naming ceremony for one of our newer members, who earned the hash name: Bloody Hotlips.  (I believe this had something to do with his medial expertise, but not entirely sure about that.)



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