2000 runs memorabilia appeal

As you should all know by now, we will be celebrating WLH’s 2000th run on 1 August this year. To mark the occasion, we will be putting together an album of historic WLH photos, charting the progress of West London hashers over the last 40 years or so. We already have quite a comprehensive archive on the WLH website, which goes back to around 2016. We also have a few photos salvaged from the old westlondonhash.org website, dating back to about 2006, which will be loaded on to the current website in due course. Before that, nothing. That is where you come in. Many you will have old photos, digital or hard copy, recording the exploits of you and your fellow hashers all the way back to run 0001 on 3rd March 1986.

If you have any old photos or other memorabilia such as run sign-on sheets, etc, that you are happy to share with WLH, please send them to wlhashflash@gmail.com, ideally as a link to where you have them saved in the cloud, or failing that, as an e-mail attachment.
We will be using the resulting photo archive to:

  • create an on-line 2000th celebration photo album on the WLH website
  • generate a photo “slide show” video for background viewing at the 2000 run event
  • provide the content for a special edition hard copy 2000th run memento photo book (at cost)

Thanks, and On On

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