Run 1593 31 March 2016, Teddington

The Adelaide, Teddington
Hare: Foreskin
Scribe: Doner Kebab

After leaving our bags in the provided upstairs room the hare announced “Bad news & good
news”. Bad: He was not going to accompany us and we should thoroughly check and call
loudly. Good: The reason being that he needed to prepare the drink and food stop.

At the nearby first check, most checked towards the town centre but the true trail was
eventually called almost backwards towards the National Physical Laboratory and a Bushy
Park entrance. The check just outside the park was quickly called inside to the right by
NutSucker heading towards the North West corner for a presumably anti-clockwise tour of
the park.

After zig-zagging with plentiful checks the trail went into a tight loop North of the
Water Gardens. This caught out most of the pack but Butt Plug and few of the slower
guessed the trail would head South from close to an earlier check. They all called
loudly but the pack took a while to cotton on and follow. These new FRB’s soon passed the
walkers which included MoreOn and Lofty. The trail again zig-zagged with people checking
in all directions before Butt Plug again found trail towards the gap in the Woodland.

As the trail reached Chestnut Avenue (the road through the park), instead of following the
paths it crossed the grassy area either side of the road and became almost impossible to
follow. By this time Knickers had finally caught back up and Rambo who started late (as
usual) also caught up. They helped in the search for blobs of flour in the grass. Rambo
finally found one across the road but failed to find any more. Eventually Doner Kebab
found a check away from any paths and everyone there checked in almost every possible
direction. It was a while before Knickers found trail – back on a path – by which time
most of the rest had caught up.

As the light started fading the trail again left the paths and crossed a large area of
rough ground. Progress was very slow as occasionally someone would find a blob of flour
by their torch-light. Finally Rambo spotted a small pedestrian exit from the park and
found arrows pointing out. No-one saw any flour leading to this.

On the streets we soon came to a DSVN mark. A few hundred metres later when there
was a false trail mark and a P trail some assumed the VN meant Very Near and they had
overshot the Drink Stop. They turned back to look more carefully but luckily a Harriet
caught up to inform them that the hare lived almost next door to the pub and the drink
stop was there. We had a very tasty cocktail (of which there was seconds and thirds),
sausages, sausage rolls and cheesy things.

The circle was held in the bag room and the pub provided a pitcher of beer. Apart from
the hare in a sexy shirt I have no recollection of any sinners. I did not realise the
drink stop cocktail was that strong.

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