13 July 2017 – Pimlico

Run nr 1661 – Grosvenor, 79 Grosvenor Road, London SW1V 3LA


Hare: Wacker

P-trail from Pimlico u/g station (Victoria line)

4 thoughts on “13 July 2017 – Pimlico

  1. Swiss Roll

    No time to visit all my UK friends hashers from around the world in UK during a short holiday. Time is too short.
    But I hope to attract some of them to this run.
    On On
    Swiss Roll
    Organizer of the Panafrica Hash in Cape Coast Ghana 2013 (after Digit left)

  2. Wacker

    Hi Swiss Roll – Looking forward to seeing you – and hopefully some other visiting hashers – at our run on 13 July. As it is election day for our committee there will be food after the run. Cheers. On2.


  3. Swiss Roll

    Hi Wacker
    Seems good. Worm, met in Ghana living in Sufolk will be there. Others are not in UK presently.
    See you next week
    On On
    Swiss Roll

  4. Mad Cow

    Remember City got told off about colourful language, so no f*+king swearing you c*+ts!!!

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