Run no 1803 Thursday 16 July-Kew Bridge

This week WLH3 will resume running in a socially distanced way.  Please register using

this link if you intend to come, but read the following information first.

Registration- You must register by mid-day on Wednesday.

Location –The run will be from the Express Tavern by Kew Bridge map link.  Your hare is Pope. 

Travel-To comply with government guidelines on non-essential travel on public transport please endeavour to make your way there under your own steam.  We will have runs from other locations in the coming weeks.

Bags-There will NOT be a bag drop.  You will have to carry anything you need.

Running-We will not run as a pack. Please set off on arrival at the Express Tavern between 7 and 7.30pm (do not go into the pub).  There will be checks but they will be very short.  Please do not mark them through.

Drinks stop-There will be a drinks stop close to the end of the run.  Please ensure you maintain a 2 metre distance between you and other hashers at the stop.

Pub-If you wish to go to the pub after the run/drinks stop you must indicate that you want to go on the registration form, or risk disappointment (the pub will not let you in if our tables are full with those that have registered). We have booked a few outside tables in the pub beer garden and will add more if their is sufficient demand.  But this cannot be done on the day. You must include your contact details on the registration form if you want to go to the pub.

Hash cash-There will be no run fees for this run.  If it is successful and we carry on running, future runs will be by card payment only.  Suspended memberships will re-commence on first attendance after this run.

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