Run 1787, The Devereux, Temple, 28th November 2019

Where to start? Well, ideally at the pub, but only two arrows survived of the P-trail, thanks to an afternoon of rain prior to Thursday’s hash. Nevertheless, I think most hashers manged to navigate there somehow. From there on it was anybody’s guess as to where the trail led. Somehow Roadkill picked up the job of deputy hare while the official hare, Rollback, headed off to set up the drink stop. He was subsequently to regret agreeing to take on this role once it became apparent that the official trail was basically non-existent. I think I counted one surviving check and two arrows on the whole outing. But we hashers are a surprisingly resilient and resourceful bunch, and managed to improvise a half-decent trail as we went along, under the occasional direction of Roadkill, who had apparently “had a glance at the trail map” before leaving the pub. Debate about the likely route was along the lines: “I’m fairly sure that she (Rollback) would have wanted us to run around St Pauls, so let’s do that.” I’m not sure to what extent Roadkill knew that part of the City, but he took us on an interesting circular loop around the Museum of London area before heading off into the depths of Smithfeld Market. At that point, several of us decided to call it a day and head on back to the drink-stop where Rollback was indeed waiting with wine and jelly babies. (Sorry, no trail map. My GPS tracker don’t seem to work in the City).

Back in the Devereux, RA Whacker presided over the circle. Somehow, the hare got away with just the one down-down in spite of the trail debacle. (hint: use loads of flour, not chalk, in wet weather!) Down-downs also awarded to our two visitors.

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