30th January 2014 – Onesie Run

Seeing as Clark Kent seemed to be capable of meeting his deadlines as well as saving the planet it is incumbent upon me to file this report promptly.

The area around Gloucester Rd were treated to a strange menagerie of hhh comprising Giraffes, Crocodiles, black & white creatures which could have been, Dalmatians, Gloucester Old Spots, or as it turned out strangely asexual cows a tiger, mix in the two hares in matching something indefinable, a couple of white boiler suits, batman, superman and finally Thunderthighs who seemed to be impersonating Helen Mirren dressed  as Olivia Newton John in her role as Sandy in Grease. I suppose 2am’s dressing as a Dalek can be justified on the grounds that it was a one piece costume though perhaps not quite in the generally accepted description of a onesie.

Despite threats of having to wear someone’s pre-worn and quite possibly unwashed spare onesie there were a number of hhh who refused to succumb and were not penalised, perhaps the block of ice next time?.

The trail made a change from others I have done from this pub in setting out in a northerly direction. Unfortunately Foreskin and I lost trail relatively early on and to compound our problems neither of our costumes invested us with any superpowers or any gadgets which may have eased our plight. Local knowledge however, allowed the pair of us to predict with some accuracy where we would pickup the trail having engineered ourselves a monumental shortcut and caused the population of High St Kensington some amusement as we ambled through.

Despite being for a hhh a shy and retiring soul I enjoyed the comments and attention that my costume attracted and found it strangely comfortable. Oh dear, I fancy that any pretence at sartorial elegance I may once have had has finally evaporated.

The pub was heaving as usual, it was a shame that the manager could not have provided somewhere for our bags, I got the feeling he was not desperate for our trade

The circle held outside on the pavement. As with last week I have few details of who received Down Downs, beyond the usual for the hares, visitors (well done Carrot Fungus for having a onesie with him despite being in transit from Tokyo to Belfast) and myself for not having filed my report for the previous weeks Australia Day run

All in all very good fun – Freeloader


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