6th February – Westbourne Park

A few hardy souls made the journey to Westbourne Park in the face of the tube strike and lashing rain. Unlike the Richmond Clique, for whom it was just not sufficiently gentrified (where would one buy a mocha latte double caf decaf half caf Frappuccino en route?) and far too difficult in terms of transport (even just looking at something as vulgar as the tube map darling would make me want to lie down with an asprin and a hot towel), these were tough guys.

Not only were we without the presence of the Richmond Clique but certain tough guys in the Ealing Massiv also did not brave the elements and were noted by their absence. It would be unfair to single anyone out but bouncing on the ground apparently was not a good transport substitute and crazy bovines were worried their hooves might slip on the rain soaked pavements.

In fact we were so tough that we formed a gang innit, henceforth me and my bro’s bruv we will be known as the Westbourne Park Crew innit, this is what am sayin bruv.

The trail had been washed away by the rain, so our hare Mudgee Smuggler had to run on ahead to re set it, innit. This works well bruv, dya know what I mean? Innit. We woz finking why we don’t do that awl the tame bruv, innit. Mudgee had also smuggled some drink stop onto his boat, for a drink stop, innit.

The drink stop went down the hatch (not his boat hatch bruv), and afterwards the pub were hospitable and generous, innit. The Hare Raiser should take note for future, innit, cos it’s lak a great venue bruv. The haberdash awarded the Westbourne Park Crew with a free oyster card holder, innit, which was useful for getting the tube home bruv (err..).

Wot am sayin bruv is that, lak, we didn’t have any stories for the circle, so we decided to pretend to be hhh from the Richmond Clique and Ealing Massiv, iniit. We did this bruv, cos it was funny at the time (ya know what I’m sayin bruv), cos we’d all had a few on Mudgee’s boat, (ya know what I’m sayin bruv).  It might lak not be as funny a week later, innit bruv, but in the photos [Insert Link to photos] you might see a Nutsu*ker, a Dingo, a Mad Cow, a moron Rolling Back his jersey, a B Plug, a Pope (interesting steve wif me up his jumper bruv), a Mad Cow, a Man Magnet, a DOA we picked up on trail (cos that’s how we roll bruv in the Park Crew), and a pic of us all togeva. (see pics here)



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