Run 1732 – The Grosvenor, Pimlico, 22nd November 2018

This weeks run was hared by Murphys and took us around the streets of Chelsea and along the Embankment.  There were ominous indications of things to come at the pre-run briefing when the hare said that there would be an indoor drink-stop – hooray! – and no checks for the entire trail – WTF!   So it was a relentless slog for the first 4km to the drink strop, which was located in a hair salon (see pics elsewhere), with the pack arriving in dribs and drabs.  But it was worth the effort with a good supply of beer and wine, and a selection of cheese nibbles.  Then back out onto the streets for a somewhat straight run back to the pub (see map).

The circle was presided over by RA KMA, and amongst the down-downs was a special one for Optimist, consisting of a bottle of Hoptimist beer.

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