Run 1800, The Priory Tavern, Kilburn, 27th February 2020

This week’s run, ably hared by Shakesbeer, took us from Kilburn down to the canal and the scenic Paddington Basin area. At one point on the trail we paused at a regroup stop to view the blue plaque commemorating Roger Bannister, and the training ground he used in preparing for his record breaking sub-4 minute mile run. An inspiration to us all, but I suspect he would not have fitted in with the hashing ethos!

We enjoyed a well marked trail with just the right number of checks and a perfect length, so no complaints at all from the pack (q.v. last week’s run). The hare even managed to produce a drink stop from her back pack, which went down well.

Back in the Priory Tavern, the circle was administered by RA Butt Plug, and down-downs were dished out where appropriate. The beer just about lasted to the end of the evening (again, q.v. last weeks’ run), and everyone went home happy.

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