Run 1799, The Anchor, Clapham, 20th February 2020

This weeks hash was a live hare trail, courtesy of Stevie Blunder. Unfortunately your scribe was not able to attend this event and therefore had to resort to collecting anecdotal reports from those who did attend at the following week’s hash. It is fair to say that the live hare trail received mixed reviews. Many were of the view that it is a great concept that adds variety to our hashing experience, and anyone who could not manage the 5 blobs and you’re on rule was probably a bit dim. Others were of the opinion that the route with its plethora of false trails was confusing and difficult to navigate. The hare was kind enough to provide a trial map which I reproduce below. I leave it to each of you to draw your own conclusions.

Unfortunately the nature of the trail was not the only issue on the night. Once back in the Anchor, the hashers discovered that the pub did not serve anything resembling what they might reasonably expect in terms of drinkable cask ales. Again, not being present myself, I can only speculate as to whether this was due to bad beer management on the part of the landlord, or poor reconnaissance on the part of the hare. Either way, I think it fair to say that WLH is unlikely to be using this pub again in for the foreseeable future.

If anyone has any photos of this event, please feel free to email to for inclusion in this post.

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