WLH Run No.1560 Teddington 13 August 2015

Hare:-Pickled Fart

Write up by Kiss My A***

With darkening skies and threats of torrential rain, this looked to be an interesting hash – add to that the dubious benefit of having Rent Boy as co-hare and the potential for excitement bordered on the terminal. But the hare – Fickle Phart had stepped in to save the day – had stoked everyone’s passion with the promise of a drink stop, and one that was in spotting distance of the pub.

And what a pub it was – the famed Anglers, on Teddington Lock; purveyor of fine food and no less than 6 draught ales from the Fuller’s cellars (although only 4 were on that night, they did make up for it with a rather tasty craft ale). Also the possessor of a vast, decked and pergola’d garden, complete with built in barbecue and sun deck. All of which was utterly wasted on the hashers who were camped indoors admiring the ale.

We were reliably informed by a returning Rent Boy, that the entire trail would be flour as it was virtually all off-road, a fact confirmed by the hare with a promise it ‘wasn’t too long’. We set off in hope, casting dubious glances at the gathering darkness above.

And off-road it indeed was! Over the river into the park we trekked; through bushes and scrub, over moorland and through forest – this was proper hashing! No dull suburban streets or tame concrete walkways for this hash – there was mud, nettles, ducking under branches and scaling obstacles. Far too many checks for my liking, but it kept the pack together and allowed the SCBs to overtake the FRBs to the point that when we arrived at the riverside drink-stop (G & T’s – very nice!) there were more SCB’s than anything else! However, despite this anomaly, there was still booze left, but, as we could see the on-inn on the other side of the river, the lure of ale dragged off the ‘thirstier’ hashers to begin social drinking.

We had a stand-in/trial RA for the circle (editor – pls insert hash name here!) (how the feck am I supposed to know his fecking name if you don’t –Editor) who did a sterling job consider the conditions. It would appear the heavens chose the moment of our circle, to unload about 6 months of rain upon Teddington for the next few hours, so the exact details of some of the charges were somewhat lost to the elements. I know there was a charge for some visitors from overseas, a charge for the hare and co-hare, but for what escapes me.

All in all, it was decided it was a good trail, in difficult circumstances and a good time was had by all (except possible anybody who had to cycle home!).

On On!


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