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Run Number 1813 -Thursday 24 September – Hampstead

Hare: Castrato

This weeks run starts at Hampstead tube station (northern line), Hampstead High Street, NW3 1QG map link . Start from 19.00 to 19.30.

Pending weather and the ongoing CV19 rules the hare is hoping to provide a combined bag drop and DS near the start/end of the run, but be prepared to run with your stuff.
No congregating so please start as soon as you arrive.
Do not mark checks through.
If you would like to go to a pub after the run book a pub of your choice in ad hoc groups of 6 or less, suggest through a nominated group leader.

Pre-registration is required for this run, please register via this link
Please observe strict social distancing rules throughout by keeping at least two metres apart.

The hare says;
“Please apply common sense and think about how we are seen by others.
Obviously if you are ill don’t turn up.
Keep at least two metres apart from each other and especially from the public when on trail.
Avoid clustering at choke points like checks and bag drops.
Bring a torch because it’s really difficult to run in the dark unless you’re close to someone with light.

STOP PRESS! The Hare has just reported that Hampstead Tube station will close at 7 P.M. There will therefore be a supplementary trail from Hampstead Heath overground. The bag drop will be about quarter of a mile from both stations. Hampstead Heath is probably more convenient from those coming from the direction of Richmond as both are on the Silverlink Line. From Belsize park underground station it is around six minutes walk to both Hampstead tube and Hampstead Heath overground stations. See map link

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Thursday 9 April

We cannot of course hold any real Hash runs at the moment, but we will hold another virtual circle this Thursday evening at 20.30 hours . Click on This Link to join in the circle. The meeting will be open from 20.15 hours.

Our hare for the evening will be KMA.

Those of you who have not already installed the Zoom app on your device may wish to Install Zoom in advance, not strictly necessary but might save time on the night. Please observe the following points of etiquette for our Zoom circles.
  • Keep your microphone muted until you wish to speak, otherwise the call will be drowned out by a mush of background noise.
  • If an RA is in evidence, please wait until you are called on to respond before unmuting your mic.
  • If you wish to attract the RA’s attention use the ‘raise hand’ button in Zoom to indicate that you want to speak  (similar to placing your glass on your head in the Circle).
  • If you wish to make a particular point of order to the RA, use the chat feature in Zoom.
  • Seek permission from the RA or session administrator before sharing your screen with the group.

Run 1812, Richmond Park (via Kingston Gate), 17th September 2020

First hash of the new “rule-of-six” era, hared by Man Magnet. Starting from Kingston Gate into Richmond Park, and taking us via a well laid trail into a veritable labyrinth inside the Isabella Plantation, from which only a few hashers managed to escape.

Those fortunate enough to find their way out made it to the socially-distanced drink stop, where a one-in, one-out rule just about managed to keep the total numbers down to six for most of the time. But unfortunately no circle and down-downs in these unusual times. Then on to various pubs in Norbiton and Kingston for additional refreshment in our smaller groupings. Not ideal, but a great hash none the less.

Run 1811 The Kings Arms, Ealing, 10th September 2020

This week’s trail was hared by virgin WLH hares Sex Toy and Headmistress, and took us around several of the green spaces in the borough of Ealing. Afterwards, Sex Toy admitted that, at > 11.5km, it was somewhat longer than he had intended, but he had “just got carried away”. Anyway, a well laid trail, with a drink stop. Or in the end, two drink stops. The first attempt resulted in the first dozen or so hashers getting locked into Walpole Park by some council jobsworth. Having escaped from that, drink stop #2 was established on Ealing Green and successfully served the remaining hashers. A brief circle was convened to thank the hares for their efforts, and welcome miscellaneous visitors and returnees. Then back to the Kings Arms for more beers, and the supply of hash chips and sandwiches. Not sure whether this was thanks to the efforts of our Hare Raiser, Optimist, the hares, or just the landlord’s good heart. Anyway, most welcome. Also on offer was substantial quantities of Ethopean injera flat-bread, supplied by Sex Toy to celebrate the Ethopean New Year, which is on 11 September.