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Back to Normality

The mismanagement had a virtual meeting on Monday 12 July to review the approach to the regular Thursday night West London runs with the easing of Covid restrictions on the 19 July and they agreed on the following:_

  • We will go back to having a circle in the pub with down downs.  The Hare should try to get the pub to agree to this, if the pub will not agree then the Hare should try to arrange for a drink stop, a budget of £60 for this will be financed from Hash funds.  If we have a circle in the pub the hash cash or other committee member will pay for the down downs.
  • Hares should try to agree a bag drop with the pub.  If this is not possible they must let the Hare Raiser and weekly email know so that hashers can be warned in advance.
  • Advanced Registration for runs is no longer mandatory, however, it as it has proved useful for Haberdash, Hash Cash and providing the Hare with an indicative pack size we will continue to encourage registration and the link will continue to appear in the weekly and on website, so please continue to register if you can.
  • We continue to only take card payment for all hash fees, including the weekly run fee for those without annual membership.
  • We will revert to the pack starting the run together at 19.15 hours, as it was before the pandemic.  Hares should endeavor to keep the pack together by using traditional haring techniques such as checks, false trails and short cuts for walkers, and arrange for checks to marked through after they have been called.   
  • The Hare raiser must be notified in advance of any special arrangements for the run which vary from the above and these will be announced in the weekly e-mail and on the website ahead of time.  
  • Runs should start from the pub again unless impractical.  The Hare Raiser should be notified in advance if a run is to be an A to B and this will be clearly stated in the weekly email.
  • The weekly email announcing runs will continue to be sent at the beginning of the week and any derogation from the above protocols which the pack may need know about should be notified to the West London weekly email address by the Hare by the Monday before the run at the latest.

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Run 1840 – Thursday July 29th ~ Stamford Brook

Hare – Knickers

This week’s run will be from The Raven, 375 Goldhawk Road, London W6 0SA Map Link. The nearest station is Stamford Brook on the District Line tube, which is opposite the pub. We will start the run as a group from the pub at our usual time of 19.15 hours and the pub have kindly agreed to store our bags in their office for the duration of the run. There will be a drink stop on trail and a traditional On-In, with a circle, back at the pub after the run. The pub has promised to have a choice of real ales available.

With the lifting of many Covid restrictions registration for West London runs is no longer mandatory but is still encouraged as it gives the Hare an indicative pack size in advance to advise the pub and registration has been useful to the Hash Cash as an aid to keeping stats and collecting subs so if you plan to come on this run please register ASAP by clicking on This Link

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Run 1837 – Thursday 8th July ~ Northfields

Hare – Ryde

Registration is required for all participants in West London runs during the current pandemic. If you plan to come on this run please register ASAP by using This link 

This week’s run will start from The Forester, 2 Leighton Road, Ealing, London W13 9EP map link. The nearest station is Northfields Tube on the Piccadilly Line and there will be a trail of chalk P arrows from that station to help you find the pub. It will be a staggered start, runners should start between 18.45 and 19.00 hours, walkers can start any time after 18.30. Runners starting after 18.50 should mark through checks when they are called. The Pub will provide bag storage, speak to the staff about this if the Hare is not available. Please do not start any earlier than the above times as the Hare will be setting the trail alone and it would put her under undue pressure.

There will be drink stop on trail which will not be open before 19.30 hours and the Hare has booked tables for at least 24 Hashers in the public bar of the Foresters for after run drinks. Hashers who would prefer to drink in the open air are free to make their own arrangements with the pub to book a table in their Garden.

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Run 1831 – Thursday 27th May ~ Teddington

Hare – Dunny Penny

Registration is required for all participants in West London runs during the current pandemic. If you plan to come on this run please register ASAP by using This Link.

The trail will start from Teddington Lock, near The Anglers pub, Map Link and there will be a trail of chalk P arrows from Teddington station to guide you to the start point. Start on trail any time after 18.30 hours, the faster you run the later you should start. The trail will be 9 km long with shortcuts. Duration: 50 – 60 mins for runners and about the same for SCBs. There will be a drink stop on trail which will be open from 19:20 hours. The Hare has booked a large number of tables for us in the garden of the Anglers from 20:00 hours, this will be about 5 mins walk from the drink drink stop. Entry to the pub will be via top secret password to be revealed in confidence at the drink stop. 

Tips from the Hare: The trail uses a small area, and is will be very tightly marked to take us through some great terrain. There will be few checks to keep you on the best bits of the area. FOLLOW THE TRAIL MARKINGS – especially important in the first 5km / 30 minutes, if you try to be clever and/or use local knowledge to jump across to runners you see in the distance you will not only miss out on some lovely territory but could end up getting very confused and running round in ever decreasing circle until you disappear up your own bum.

 The drink stop is not the main event, please support our local hospitality industry by attending the pub after the run. The Hare may need to adjust our booking according to how many register, so please register ASAP using the above link, we have re-introduced the field on the registration form to indicate whether or not you plan to come to the pub after the run, please use this.

The Hare will be available on the WLH3 runners on trail Whatsapp group from 18:30 to 20:30 to help out the challenged.

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Thursday 9 April

We cannot of course hold any real Hash runs at the moment, but we will hold another virtual circle this Thursday evening at 20.30 hours . Click on This Link to join in the circle. The meeting will be open from 20.15 hours.

Our hare for the evening will be KMA.

Those of you who have not already installed the Zoom app on your device may wish to Install Zoom in advance, not strictly necessary but might save time on the night. Please observe the following points of etiquette for our Zoom circles.
  • Keep your microphone muted until you wish to speak, otherwise the call will be drowned out by a mush of background noise.
  • If an RA is in evidence, please wait until you are called on to respond before unmuting your mic.
  • If you wish to attract the RA’s attention use the ‘raise hand’ button in Zoom to indicate that you want to speak  (similar to placing your glass on your head in the Circle).
  • If you wish to make a particular point of order to the RA, use the chat feature in Zoom.
  • Seek permission from the RA or session administrator before sharing your screen with the group.